Introducing Apogee: A New Exoskeleton with Key Differences from Cray X


Key Points:

  1. Chest strips: Cray X has an X-shaped chest strip with a wrenching system, while Apogee has a breathable mix material with a magic strip system for waist adjustment.
  2. Battery placement: Cray X has the battery on top, while Apogee has it near the waist for a more ergonomic design.
  3. Design and mobility: Cray X has a wider knob, and it is slimmer with handles for easy device movement.


Our recent launch of the Apogee exoskeleton has raised questions about its differences from the Cray X model. One noticeable difference is in the chest strips: Cray X features an X-shaped strip with a wrenching system, while it uses a breathable mix material with a magic strip system for waist adjustment. Additionally, Cray X has its battery on top, while Apogee has located it near the waist for improved ergonomics.

In terms of design and mobility, Cray X has a wider knob, whereas it is slimmer and includes handles for easy device movement. These differences set Apogee apart as a new option in the exoskeleton market, offering unique features for users seeking enhanced comfort and ease of use.

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