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Wes Rivers is a dedicated and accomplished professional in the field of arboriculture and tree care, with a strong passion for preserving and enhancing the natural environment. As an alumnus of SFA University, where he earned his degree in Forestry and Environmental Science, Wesley has cultivated a deep understanding of trees and their ecological significance.

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Recent Posts

Architecture & Design

TreeNewal Unveils the "Building Roots" Podcast Series

Wes Rivers - April 5, 2023

AdditDallas, TX - TreeNewal, an arborist company renowned for its commitment to preserving the natural environment, is excited to announce its new podcast, Building Roots with Wesley Rivers. The podcast, hosted by Wesley Rivers, VP of Operations for TreeNewal, will feature conversations with TreeNewal ISA Certified Arborists James Allen and Corey Herpel on a range of topics related to trees, including soil science, common questions customers have for Arborists, and the impact of home development on trees.

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Building Management

Sustainable Living: Exploring the Relationship Between Home Development and Trees

Wes Rivers - March 22, 2023

On this episode of Building Roots, two of Treenewal's ISA Certified Arborists, James Allen and Cory Herpel, discussed the importance of taking a proactive approach to maintaining healthy trees in developing communities. They highlighted the need for involving an arborist early in the process, before any construction takes place, to minimize root damage and other stress factors on existing trees.

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