Joe Felan

Associate Professor University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Joe Felan is an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He earned his PhD in Production/Operations Management from the University of South Carolina, and holds an MBA and BBA from Baylor University. His research interests have included entrepreneurial activity, economic factors influencing startups, and angel investor behaviors, with publications in notable journals like the Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. In teaching, Joe offers courses such as "New Venture Launch," "Production/Operations Management," and "International Business Management." He has a rich history of contributing to the academic community with insights into business operations and entrepreneurship.

Ph. D., Operations management 1988 - 1995
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Administration and Management, General 1984 - 1987
image-82 Production Management
operational Operations Management
image-2023-10-04T231704.952 Supply Chain Management
image-2023-10-04T232459.713 Behavioral Decision Making

Recent Posts

optimizing reverse logistics for returns

Easy Returns Help Retain Customers. Instead of Charging Return Fees, Retailers Should Focus on Optimizing Reverse Logistics.

Joe Felan - October 6, 2023

In 2022, returns cost the retail industry a whopping $816 billion in lost sales across the United States. This data, released by the National Retail Federation, highlighted the importance of optimizing reverse logistics especially for fast fashion clothing retailers.

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UPS teamsters strike

Can Companies Survive a Major UPS Teamsters Strike? Supply Chain Experts Weigh In With Strategy.

Joe Felan - July 20, 2023

The Teamsters Union and UPS are in a standoff, with a massive UPS Teamsters strike possibly kicking off on August 1. The potential strike is largely due to disagreements about higher pay, more full-time jobs and better workplace health and safety conditions.

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The Small Business Institute® and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock: Personal Reflections

Joe Felan - February 20, 2022

This paper provides personal reflections on our involvement with the Small Business Institute® (SBI). SBI has been very important to us both personally and professionally. This organization has become a large part of our academic lives – from course offerings to student projects, to research activities and even the service to our profession. This account shows how SBI has helped us grow as teachers and scholars, and created value for both the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and its students.

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Economic Factors and the Kauffman Startup Activity Index

Joe Felan - October 20, 2021

The purpose of this study is to examine entrepreneurial activity in the USA and whether it supports a “pull” or a “push” theory of startup creation. The “push” theory argues that individuals are pushed into entrepreneurship by negative external forces, such as job dissatisfaction, difficulty finding employment, insufficient salary or inflexible work schedule. The “pull” theory contends that individuals are attracted into entrepreneurial activities seeking independence, self-fulfillment, wealth and other desirable outcomes.

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