Logan King

Sr. Digital Media Strategist MarketScale

Logan King is a media strategist of multiple disciplines with a centralized objective: helping businesses engage, grow and build their communities through media. He has years of experience in B2B media strategy, working with medium sized to Fortune 500 companies to tell the stories that are driving results and positive change in their prospective communities.

Business Management & Marketing 2011 - 2016
Content Strategy
Content Creation
Good Communicator
Community Builder

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Made in America: Bringing Microchip Production Back to America

Made in America: Bringing Microchip Production Back to America

January 19, 2022 MIA Season 2

It’s no mystery why and how the supply chain disruption occurred during the pandemic; however, the million-dollar question is: how to fix and prevent it. Premio’s Product Marketing Director, Dustin Seetoo, and Executive Vice President, Kevin Wu, and Intel’s Supply and Demand Manager, Jennifer Bressler, discussed how the companies are combatting this issue with hosts of Made in America, Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern.

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Segway Robotics from Kitchen to Your Dining Table with Tony Ho

August 5, 2022 Food & Beverage

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving innovations in robotics to meet needs across multiple sectors in virtually every industry. Segway, known for its scooters, also develops robotic technology aimed at simplifying the process for transporting people and objects, according to Tony Ho, vice president of robotics and business development at Segway Robotics.

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Gossip about Gossip: Finding Solutions and Keeping up with the Rapid Growth of Tokens

June 14, 2022 Gossip About Gossip

In an episode of “Gossip about Gossip,” podcast host and Senior Vice President of Hedera, Zenobia Godschalk chatted with Katryna Dow, CEO and founder at Meeco, an Australian-based technology company, about token trust. As the growth and popularity of digital tokens increase, so do privacy and environmental concerns.

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CalTV: Moving from Dangerous Manual Tasks to Automation with Material Removal (Part 1 of 2)

October 20, 2022 CalTV

It’s double dose time on CalTV. Joe Gemma sat down with Carl Doeksen, Global Robotics & Automation Director at 3M, for an in-depth discussion on moving from dangerous manual tasks to automation that proved so informative it took two episodes to squeeze in all the valuable information.

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Made in America: Ergo Robotics, Coming January 21st

January 14, 2020 Made in America

Why Stay in America? In today’s global marketplace, there are still companies surviving and thriving right in our own backyard.

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