Piyush Shah

Assistant Professor University

Certified Associate trainer for APICS CSCP and CPIM certifications and am in Supply Chain training / Consulting.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Supply Chain Management 2015 - 2020
MMS, Operations 1999 - 2001
image-2023-10-04T231704.952 Supply Chain Management
project-management Project Management
image-58 Business Strategy
image-2023-10-04T231842.058 Logistics

Recent Posts

healthier supply chain

Retailers Should Reduce Their SKUs for a Healthier Supply Chain. Here’s Why.

Piyush Shah - November 17, 2023

In the current retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) landscape, the industry faces significant challenges in maintaining a healthier supply chain. A 2023 Consumer Survey by O9 Solutions underscores this, revealing that over half of consumers have encountered product shortages, leading to a shift towards price-based purchasing over brand loyalty and reduced shopping due to price hikes.

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quick-service restaurants

Quick-Service Restaurants Can Learn Some Good & Bad Strategies from Chipotle’s Expansion to Rural Areas

Piyush Shah - August 18, 2023

Chipotle's plan to open up in smaller towns has become big news in the world of quick-service restaurants. Some experts applaud the company's plan, while others highlight some potential speed bumps in the road to a successful expansion, especially when considering how inflation has impacted the company's latest numbers.

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