AHR Expo’s Promising Outlook for the HVAC Industry This Year

Atlanta, GA – The 2023 AHR Expo, held in Atlanta earlier this month, has concluded with exciting news for the HVAC industry. The event was attended by over 35,000 visitors and featured more than 1,800 participating companies and their displays. The promising direction that the industry is headed in will offer more options to companies looking to reduce spending without sacrificing efficiency.

According to industry experts, sustainability and cost savings were major themes discussed at the event. In a recent Keep Kuul episode, host Michelle Dawn Mooney sat down with Shon Wainscott, National Accounts Manager of Portacool, and Cody Weeks, Sales Manager of Kuul, to discuss current trends within the HVAC industry and what companies can expect in the near future.

Weeks highlighted sustainability as a significant trend that stood out at the Expo. “From a trend standpoint, I would say sustainability is the one that really jumps out in front for me — whether that be energy consumption, water consumption, or just trying to increase efficiency of the cooling solutions. That’s really the big one that stood out to me this year at AHR,” he said.

Wainscott, on the other hand, emphasized the need for cost-effective measures to be implemented. “With respect to trends, what we kind of see, at least on my side, is cost savings … They’re looking to do more with less, or to be able to provide cooling to employees in applications where they really necessarily can’t afford to do a standard HVAC system,” he said.

Portacool’s evaporative cooler, which uses water and requires minimal electricity, was also discussed during the episode. Wainscott explained that companies seeking to save money find advantages in savings and employee morale. “They can’t afford to do a standard air conditioning cause it’s just money going out the doors. So, that’s really where they look to us, to what solutions can we help provide them — cool air to those employees, keep them cool, keep them safe … keep them productive, and then retention of employees as well,” he said.

The experts also offered their perspectives on the current and forthcoming HVAC trends. It is evident that the HVAC industry is moving towards more sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Companies like Portacool and Kuul are at the forefront of this change, offering innovative products and solutions that can benefit companies and their employees.

For more information on the HVAC industry and the latest trends, please visit Portacool and Kuul’s websites.

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