Gossip about Gossip podcast episode highlights the importance of NFT Metadata standardization through HIP-412

Dallas, TX – In the latest episode of Gossip about Gossip, host Zenobia Godschalk interviews Michiel Mulders, a Developer Advocate with Swirlds Labs, to discuss the significance of standardizing NFT Metadata through HIP-412.

Mulders emphasizes the importance of NFT Metadata as a crucial component that enriches NFTs, especially collectibles and those related to real estate. He notes that one of the primary uses of NFT Metadata is to store information about the attributes of a project, such as investment calculation, value, rarity, authenticity, and licensing.

HIP-412 aims to standardize NFT Metadata by providing a defined structure that improves interoperability with ecosystem tooling. The Hedera community, in collaboration with Mulders, is working towards increased flexibility for NFT Metadata, creating a wider range of use cases.

According to Mulders, “What the standard is solving is that you’re creating a defined structure that everyone knows about. When an NFT wants to interpret the data, they can just see that the image data will always sit under the image field. So, there is no guessing, and they can be almost 100% sure that their data is in the correct place.”

Mulders’ expertise in Developer Relations & Training for the Algorand Foundation, as well as his roles as a Senior Develop Advocate for Humanitec and a Senior Software Engineer at Lunie, make him well-equipped to speak on the topic of NFT Metadata standardization.

About Swirlds Labs

Swirlds Labs is a leading provider of blockchain solutions for enterprise customers. Their flagship platform, Hashgraph, provides a secure and efficient distributed ledger technology that enables decentralized applications.

About Gossip about Gossip

Gossip about Gossip is a weekly podcast hosted by Zenobia Godschalk. The show features discussions with experts in various industries, covering a broad range of topics, from blockchain technology to finance and culture.

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