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Dr. Steve Hotchkiss says

Glass is in Session: Transparency in Veterinary Care, Transparency in Design

  Ask any pet owner and they will say that their pet is a part of their family. Unwavering love and loyalty create a bond between humans and their animal friends that is hard to measure. Naturally, when injuries occur, people turn to a place where their pet can receive as high-quality of care as […]

How We Made Manufacturing More Environmentally Friendly

  It is one thing for a company to be an innovator with the products it is developing, but it is another thing to be an innovator and trendsetter in sustainability. Clarus is a company that has strived for and excelled in both. On today’s episode of Glass is in Session, we sat back down […]

Why Do A&D Customers Care About Sustainability? with Ben Kraft of Clarus

  On today’s episode of Glass is in Session, we brought Ben Kraft, also known as the ‘Glass Man Extraordinaire,’ into the studio. Kraft, an A&D sales representative for Clarus, gives his sales and manufacturing insight on the reasons for and the impacts of green design on company-client relationships. Kraft helps answer these questions as […]

How to Make the Most of KBIS 2019

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) hits Las Vegas from Feb. 19-21 as North America’s largest trade show focused solely on all aspects of kitchen and bath design. Over 31,000 attendees are expected this year with more than 600 exhibitors showing off their latest innovative designs. This show brings stakeholders and industry leaders together […]

How Clarus Avoids Greenwashing, and Why You Should Too with Karen Righthand of SCS Global Services

  Consumers today are extremely conscious about what kinds of products they’re purchasing for their bodies, homes, and businesses, and with so many choices available it’s hard to know what products may be guilty of some of the “Seven Sins of Greenwashing” — otherwise known as stating a product is generally natural, green friendly, or […]

Fixed, Flexible, and Gliding Over All with Brittney Ricks of Clarus

  With Glass is in Session, we’ve focused a lot on the innovative design that Clarus has brought to the glassboard industry, and in many regards, the path that they’ve paved for glassboards in general. Our past several episodes have been with Vice President of Brand & Marketing, Brittney Ricks, as she’s broken down the product […]

Clarus Expands into European Markets at ORGATEC 2019

Our Europe team offers the most custom glassboard solutions on the market! From our first glassboard Float, to innovative solutions like Flip, View, and Glide – Clarus glassboards provide the best writing surface available. To learn more, visit our products page:

A Perfect View, Lights On or Lights Off with Brittney Ricks of Clarus

  In this episode of Glass is in Session, Brittney Ricks, Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Clarus, rejoins us to discuss one of Clarus’ most innovative glassboard products: View. What makes View unique and unlike Clarus’ other offerings? It’s set to replace the inconvenient pulldown projector screens with a glassboard that acts like […]

A Good Design is a Problem Solved with Dony Dawson of Clarus

  A designer is tasked with one of the hardest professional balances in the game: function vs. fashion. Can they create something that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but serves its purpose? Dony Dawson, Vice President of Design for Clarus, said that often, designers miss the point of their project. “I’ve seen it throughout my career […]

Putting Collaboration on Wheels with Brittney Ricks of Clarus

  Last week on Glass is in Session, we took a look at Clarus’ two flagship products: Depth and Float. Though those set the stage for Clarus’ success, their diversified portfolio of offerings is what keeps them in the game. On today’s episode of Glass is in Session by Clarus, we’re exploring another one of […]

Collaborative Spaces Can’t Be an Afterthought with Brittney Ricks of Clarus

  On today’s episode of Glass is in Session by Clarus, we’re exploring two of their flagship products, Depth and Float. These two glassboard designs have been paramount to the success and growth of Clarus, but beyond the specificities of the design, these glassboards really pull the curtain back and show that collaborative surfaces were, […]

Gen Z Needs a Very Different Kind of Classroom with Trey Harris of Clarus

  In this Glass is in Session podcast, Trey Harris, Education Market Manager at Clarus, discusses education sales at the university level. For the better part of the first decade of his career, Harris worked in architectural photography, led national marketing for the planning and landscape architecture division of a national A/E firm, and honed […]

Ensuring a Hands-On, Unforgettable Client Experience with Larissa Brown of Clarus

  On Glass is in Session, we’ve discussed several aspects of the glassboard. We’ve looked at the intricacy behind the designs, the psychology of writing, and their impact on the Healthcare industry. On today’s episode, we wanted to explore the business side of Clarus; specifically, how they ensure client success. Being a company that is […]

How Clarus Creates Memorable Experiences with Rebecca Grefrath

  Creating a unique and special experience each time an individual interacts with your brand can be a great way for a company stand out. Whether it’s on the road at trade shows or at home in the corporate office, Rebecca Grefrath, Marketing Experience Coordinator for Clarus, always seeks to make every interaction an unforgettable […]

HCD Expo Thoughts and Trends with Jason Pierret of Clarus

  This is Glass is in Session by Clarus, an AEC Podcast on MarketScale hosted by Daniel Litwin. The AEC world doesn’t live an isolated life; it never has. But more than ever, with advancements in collaborative technology and innovative design, AEC professionals are seeing a revitalized convergence with other industries. This includes Healthcare, and […]

Making Healthcare Design “Talk the Talk” with Jason Pierret of Clarus

  As hospital budgets are getting tighter, administrators are looking for practical and cost effective ways to benefit both their patients and their professionals. Hospital design is a big player in budget talks, being some of the priciest pay points but some of the most necessary. A refurbished, welcoming and functional hospital design makes for […]

The Psychology of Writing in AEC, with Jamie-Clare de la Chapelle of Clarus

  This is Glass is in Session by Clarus, an AEC Podcast on MarketScale hosted by Daniel Litwin. There’s a surprisingly magical, and yet simple side effect to writing things down. People who describe or visualize their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to meet them. It comes down to the […]

ORGATEC 2018 Challenges Designers to Rethink the Modern Office

The theme for ORGATEC 2018, held in Cologne, Germany, was “Visionary concepts for a new work culture.” There were a number of exhibitors, including Lars Boisen, Montana Furniture’s head of sales for Europe; Anton Van de Putte, CEO of BoConcept; and Thomas Halliday, Manager of Dealer Sales, Nick Laughton, Sales Director, and Kempton Williams, President […]

How Glass Powers Collaborative Spaces, with Brittney Ricks of Clarus

  This is Glass is in Session by Clarus, an AEC Podcast on MarketScale hosted by Daniel Litwin. Collaborative technology is changing the work place, and has been for a while now. 61 million Gen Zers entered the workplace this year, and with them came a technological expectation, having grown up with interactive, responsive tech. […]

Retail Loyalty Programs Benefit More than Just Customers

While each store creates its own unique customer loyalty program, they all have one thing in common –incentivizing purchasing behavior. Members get exclusive discounts or perks in exchange for being a loyal shopper. These programs are built on a simple philosophy – the more customers spend, the more perks they receive.  Essentially it pays to […]

Continuing Education That Doesn’t Put You to Sleep

This article is the first of a three-part series entitled “How to Stay Connected and Relevant in the Digital Age of Design” and is featured on MarketScale AEC. If you are an architect or designer, taking continuing education (CE) courses can often feel like death and taxes—unavoidable. The idea of maintaining certification to stay on […]