Roads, Rails & Rides

Transportation is being revolutionized with autonomous, electric, and data driven technologies. But in a world that never stops, Jeb Morris is guiding us through the trends that will take us there.


The Role of Rideshare in Bringing Back Downtowns

Since the spring and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, downtown areas across the country have seen mass exoduses and a reduction in foot traffic from residents who did stay. So, how do cities bring visitors back to downtown to shop, eat and support local businesses? In the latest episode of Roads, Rails & Rides, host Jeb […]

Improving Employment Possibilities Through Electric Vehicles

We were joined by Ashhar Shaikh, co-founder of Skillshark, to talk about EV (electric vehicles) education, the EV for Africa program, and improving the employment possibilities for students and workers within India’s job market. According to Ashhar, education about EV possibilities goes far beyond just learning to build electric vehicles. Skillshark’s mission also includes educating […]

Transforming Transportation in Africa with Electric Vehicles: Roads, Rails & Rides

  The transition to electric vehicles includes considerable transformation. The automobile industry, although innovative, has been stuck in its dependence on gasoline. As countries around the world begin to change the way they think about cars, Spencer Korankye is leading the effort in Ghana, Africa. “EV for Africa is about easy, accessible electric vehicles. There […]

Breaking Down the Newest Innovations in Transportation: Roads, Rails and Rides

It has been five months since the COVID-19 pandemic has created a tidal wave of public and private policy shifts which dictate how humans go about their everyday lives. Many of our daily activities, once thought of as normal, have been upended with no certainty to be considered “normal” again. In this latest episode of […]

How Technology is Advancing Freight Rail: Roads, Rails and Rides

In this latest episode of Roads, Rails & Rides, we step away from the movement of people for a moment to learn about advances in the movement of goods. Host, Jeb Morris, sits down with Mike Rush, Senior Vice President – Safety and Operations for the Association of American Railroads (AAR), to discuss the various […]

The Future of Electric Propulsion in Mobility: Roads, Rails and Rides

  In the latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides, host Jeb Morris sat down with, Masato Inoue, CEO of INOUE Design & Consulting, Professor at Institute D’Arte e Design (IAAD) in Torino Italy and Founder of Green Mobility Partners. Previously, Inoue was the Design Director for the first generation of the Nissan LEAF, making him a preeminent voice in electric vehicle design. […]

The Role of Digital Innovation in Autonomous Driving Design: Roads, Rails, & Rides

  In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Gruel, Co-Director and Founder at the Institute for Mobility and Digital Innovation in Stuttgart Germany. The conversation addresses the challenges faced by automakers, how digital innovation aids development, and what the future might look like as […]

Creating The Technology that Powers Self-Driving Platforms: Roads, Rails, & Rides

  In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with, Robert Day, Director of Autonomous Vehicles at ARM. Our conversation starts with just what ARM is and how their technology touches our everyday lives. More specifically, how their technology is making autonomous vehicle concepts into a reality. Robert breaks […]

Exploring the History of Rails in the US: Roads, Rails, & Rides

  In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with Jessica Woods, Museum Manager of the Interurban Railway Museum. While most of this show’s content is directed towards the newest innovation driving advances in the transportation industry, it is important to understand the history of how we have gotten […]

The Impact of the First Deliberate Shutdown of the NYC Subway System: Roads, Rails, & Rides

  For the first time since New York City began running 24-hour subway service, the city has completely shut down the entire subway system as a result of COVID-19. This is unprecedented, as, even during some of the most extreme weather events in recent memory, such as the blizzard of 2015, trains kept running. In this episode […]

Innovation Driving Transportation: Roads, Rails, & Rides

    This week on Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris connects with Iain Bitrain, Executive Director of ISPIM, to discuss global innovation in the transportation industry, what cities are doing the best job, and what the future looks like amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ISPIM is a leader in bringing some of the most […]

The Challenges of a Micro-Mobility Startup: Roads, Rails, & Rides

The Microtransit industry is a burgeoning new component of the transportation landscape. In this latest episode of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with Gene Watson of dtmac.matters, Macon Georgia’s Micro-Mobility advocate, to discuss the various challenges presented with a microtransit service startup. Macon, GA is a mid-sized city in the heart […]

The Role of Public Transit in Carrying Essential Workers: Roads, Rails & Rides

  Since the launch of this Roads, Rails & Rides this year, so much of the tone in the transportation industry has shifted. All of the positive forecasts have shifted to a strategy of analyzing how many resources an organization has in the reserves to help weather the storm. The micro-transit options such as Bird […]

How A Historic Neighborhood Has Adopted Modern Transit: Roads, Rails, & Rides

This week on Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris sits down with Jeremy Scott, the President of the West End Association, to discuss how the oldest neighborhood in Dallas utilizes every mode of transportation. The West End section of Dallas, TX is well over a hundred years with rustic brick buildings having been updated […]

The Ripple Effects of COVID-19 on the Transportation Industry: Roads, Rails, & Rides

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the world, many countries are encouraging social distancing and quarantining. On this special segment of Roads, Rails, & Rides host Jeb Morris discussed the effects of the pandemic on the transportation industry so far and what else we can expect to see. With fewer people going to work in person or […]

The Impact of Automated Vehicles on the Transportation Ecosystem

Driverless vehicles are not things of the future anymore. Thomas Bamonte, Senior Program Manager, Automated Vehicles, within North-Central Council of Governments of Texas, spoke to Marketscale host Jeb Morris about transportation automation being developed and deployed in the North-central region, giving examples of automated vehicles already in action. “Every movement of people and people is […]

The Future of Dallas Transportation: Roads, Rails, & Rides

  Today, on the second episode of MarketScale’s Roads, Rails & Rides—a video series on the transit tech and trends that move us—host Jeb Morris sits down with Dustin Bullard, the Vice President of Planning and Public Space at Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI), to discuss the past, present and future of the city’s commuter transit […]

Roads, Rails, & Rides: A New Transportation Series

Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined in MarketScale’s Trinity Studio by Jeb Morris, founding partner of Efrogs Dallas, for the first episode of Morris’s Roads, Rails and Rides podcast, a brand-new show designed to offer an in-depth look at the transportation industry. Efrogs offers shuttle-car service in downtown Dallas and surrounding districts, providing an […]