Terry O’Connell

Director of Marketing Marketscale

As MarketScale's marketing team of one, Terry utilizes decentralization and an ever growing community of subject matter experts to manage the fast growth of the MarketScale brand. Working at the intersection of tech and media production, Terry leverages his experiences as a media strategy consultant for large and small B2B brands to help shape the future of the company.

BBA Specializing in Marketing 2012-2016
image-2023-10-05T064037.069 Media Strategy
brand-develop Brand Development
image-25 Content Creation
Building Community
image-9 Leadership
Creative Problem Solving

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Recent Posts

MarketScale Inc 5000 2023
Business Services

MarketScale Proudly Announces Our Inclusion in the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Terry O'Connell - August 15, 2023

At MarketScale, we've always believed in the power of B2B media and the importance of experts sharing their knowledge as creators. Today, we're thrilled to share that this approach to creating valuable, educational, and engaging content is being recognized.

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The Secret Sauce for Creating a Powerful Video Series
Business Services

The Secret Sauce for Creating a Powerful Video Series

Terry O'Connell - August 10, 2023

Live broadcast Today3 PM CT on 8/10Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make a hit TV series? Here's your chance to find out!

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building community

Purpose in Pain: Christine Handy’s Journey from Surviving Cancer to Building Community

Terry O'Connell - July 21, 2023

Thanks to the powerful influence of social media, personal stories are increasingly shaping public discourse and building community. Sharing inspiring experiences is one of the best ways to build strong and healthy communities.

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Instagram Threads Kills Twitter
Software & Technology

Instagram Threads 101 for B2B Marketers

Terry O'Connell - July 7, 2023

Yesterday marked the launch of Instagram Threads, a new social media platform that has already made waves in the digital world. This direct alternative to Twitter has seen an unprecedented response, with over 30 million users signing up on the first day alone.

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AI in B2B content creation
B2B Weekly with Tim Maitland

The Promise and Potential of AI in B2B Content Creation

Terry O'Connell - June 13, 2023

In a recent episode of B2B Weekly, we dove deep into the exciting yet sometimes intimidating world of AI in B2B content creation and its impact on creators. Gavin Purcell, a digital media veteran with a unique background in AI as a co-host of the AI for Humans Podcast, joined host Tim Maitland and Terry O'Connell for a thought-provoking discussion about the immense potential and transformative power of AI.

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AI for Creators
Business Services

Harnessing AI for Creative Innovation: cutting through AI hype and misconceptions for creators

Terry O'Connell - June 8, 2023

Live Broadcast3 PM CT on 6/8Harnessing AI for Creators: Cutting Through AI Hype and MisconceptionsRegister NowIn this episode of B2B Weekly, we delve deep into the world of AI and how it is impacting creators. Gavin Purcell joins host Tim Maitland to break down the hype around AI and discuss the immense potential for value and change that is being driven by this innovation.

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