Hunter Austin

Managing Partner | Co-Founder Kelley Austin

Hunter is co-founder and management partner of Kelly Austin, a full-service Salesforce consultancy that helps brands and businesses drive revenue and connect with their customers through the power of Salesforce. Hunter is a an expert in sales, service, the user experience, and digital marketing. He and his team have delivered hundreds of projects across many industries.

Bachelor of Science - Sports Management
sponsorship Sponsorship
image-4 Management
fundraising Fundraising
stategies Market Research
image-9 Leadership
social-media-n Social Media Marketing

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Business Services

Why Do Sales Professionals Need an Industry-Specific CRM

David Kemp - August 25, 2021

If you’re a sales professional trying to maneuver today’s omnichannel landscape, having the right CRM tool is critical. Other industries like food delivery and healthcare, in response to the pandemic’s acceleration of their digital transformations, have found that blanketed softwares & solutions won

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Business Services

Companies Will Shift Their Focus to Profitability for Their Path to Success

Tyler Kern - September 13, 2022

All companies should look at automated purchasing and compliance in today’s marketplace. Tyler Kern, and co-host Hunter Austin, Managing Partner of Kelley Austin, got some hot tips on the latest trend in automated payment control solutions from James Thomas, CEO and Founder of Itemize.

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Business Services

Companies Are More Comfortable Embracing Emerging Technologies to Boost Efficiency

Tyler Kern - September 8, 2022

There is a certain finesse to increasing profitability. Howie Rosenthal, Vice President of Customer Success with Blueprint Systems, spoke with Host Tyler Kern and Co-host and Managing Partner at Kelley Austin, Hunter Austin, about how businesses can create new efficiencies to maximize profitability.

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Business Services

Strategies for Making Salesforce’s Features Work for Your Niche Sales Needs

Daniel Litwin - August 26, 2021

Every industry felt the push to develop confident omnichannel sales strategies as the pandemic hit; even though this was a trend already for many markets, the acceleration of digital sales channels gave buyers a different expectation for where and how to buy, from B2c to B2B. When trying to leverage

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