WSP has won out over four other bidders for a $15.2 million design consultation contract for the Ventura County Transportation Commission’s major additions to California Highway 101. The design and environmental consulting phase is expected to grow into a $750 million to $2 billion project that would add carpool lanes, transition lanes for on/off ramps, and auxiliary lanes to the congested 101 corridor. Though the commission has yet to secure all the funds necessary, and Ventura County voters nixed a .5 cent sales tax to fund the project, WSP is moving ahead.

In 2016, voters in nearby LA County signed on board for a sales tax to fund light-rail and similar initiatives. Throughout the state, carpool high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes have grown increasingly popular as a means of decongesting strained highways.

Projects like Ventura County’s are in various stages of development all over California. For now, WSP will begin its work in the engineering design and environmental consultation process while the County Transportation Commission finds a pathway to fund the potentially multi-billion-dollar endeavor.