At the AIA 2018 Expo in New York, MarketScale met with Jonathan Knöfel of Enscape to discuss a product that was virtually science fiction just a few years ago.

AIA is the industry show for architecture and design, and Enscape provides these professions a game changing product. These industries rely on programs such as REVIT, Sketchup, Rhino, and ArchiCad to create, design, and test their buildings and interiors. Enscape has designed a one click, out-of-the-box solution for real-time rendering in all of these popular design programs.

The standout here is accessibility, Jonathan said. “Our goal is to enable every architect and designer to check their designs and communicate them to their clients without needing any additional knowledge of a rendering or visualization tool.”

Enscape is a genuinely one-click plug-in solution that allows users to walk through their projects on-screen or in VR. The 3D renders feature the actual sunlight of the chosen geo-location, and even allows users to change the lighting effects, time of day, and geolocation.

Knöfel proudly noted Enscape’s industry leading speed, with one-click 4k renderings in only 8 seconds, by far the fastest high-quality product on the market. Once the rendering is complete, a second click brings the user to a VR rendering they can walkthrough.

Knöfel said that Enscape was particularly popular with architects in the early stages of their product, to get a feel for the space, lighting, and dimensions. The program enables them to show clients around the space and make changes to the product before ground is even broken. Enscape is extremely versatile, and perfect for late stage renderings as well. Interior designers can test materials and finishes against the actual space and lighting, clicking through virtually unlimited options with their clients, all in real time.

Though it is the perfect product for architects and designers, Knöfel pointed out that Enscape is really the perfect tool for any job that requires you to see the finished before it is actually built.

”We have clients in the car industry and in the movie industry who use Enscape to check-out scenes and design cars because it’s real time and high quality; you just click on a button.”