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Vinyl film is all around us. On benches, cars, vans, and more. Though we may not notice these wraps, they play a massive part in the marketing industry. Here to elaborate on the use and sale of vinyl film products in marketing on today’s episode of The Marking Minute is Beth Guinn, vice president of sales at Presco in the engineered film department.

Vinyl film is a unique marketing tool in today’s digital-dominated world. When most companies are heavily investing in digital marketing, vinyl film is still crossing desks in the form of sample packets that clients can touch, feel, and ideate with. The tangible element to vinyl film is unique and essential to its sale.

Guinn discusses how touching and feeling the vinyl film is essential to the user experience of their product. The sample packets must encompass the wide variety of films on the market, as she said, “enough to get people using their imagination.”

Guinn and her team at Presco stay up to date on trends, while rotating their sample packets constantly. She incorporates “…a good variety of clear films, different plasticizers, different embosses,” building up a library that shows a great mix of different capabilities, including fun and new products.

Presco sets itself apart with its physical approach to marketing materials, but more than that, it is sure to make customization at the core of what elevates them from their competition. Though samples can be vast, there’s nothing that can replicate the personalized process of working with a dedicated team to develop a one-of-a-kind vinyl film.

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