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All areas of manufacturing are feeling the same strain. With an aging workforce and younger generations moving away from these types of jobs, there is a looming labor shortage that only looks like it could intensify. The industry is craving intelligent, motivated and skilled young professionals, but a lack of information on what careers are available and what a life in manufacturing feels like is keeping numbers low.

Today, Toqeer Kazmi, Group VP of HR for Power Solutions at NN Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-precision metal and plastic components, joins the podcast to shed light on a position at NN meant to introduce young professionals to the excitement of the industry: Tool Maker Apprentice.

“This position is vital to what we do at NN Inc. Without the right tools, we can’t manufacture the required components. This position is a great way to break into the market, and there are many possibilities from starting as an apprentice,” Kazmi said.

Manufacturing has a lot of security as a career, and the projects that drive it forward are complex but rewarding. Because this position is an apprenticeship, mentorship is a critical element. “The role will learn from the best and have plenty of hands-on experience. We also support our employees with continuing education and are here to help them be successful,” she said.

Kazmi noted that the ideal candidate will be curious, creative, and responsible with a sense of urgency. “I say these attributes because we need someone who will look at the unsolvable and find a solution. The sense of urgency means that we’re in an industry that changes quickly, and we have to be able to respond to that. This helps differentiate us from our competitors,” she said.

Give this Careers Podcast a listen to learn more about the role, what makes it perfect BBQ talk with the family, and why Kazmi calls it a hybrid of MacGyver and Q from the James Bond universe. To apply, click here.

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