Joe Fong, AIA, a Senior Architect at Tamlyn, is quick to point out that an architects design doesn’t simply plan for “walls, windows, and a roof,” but takes into account a variety of considerations, including air filtration, water leakage, heat resistance, and even light and noise. While this seems like common knowledge within the industry, what often gets left out of the conversation is how all these design detials work together.

For example, it’s hard to ignore when your cold glass of beer forms condensation when brought into a warmer room. Those same processes affect buildings and homes in dramatic ways. Fong explains that most people think of moisture as being water, and that it comes in the form of rain or snow — so many are quick to waterproof simply by filling in holes or cracks. He points out that just as in the constructs of weather, moisture is actually carried through the air, and can travel anywhere that air can travel. When the air can no longer hold the amount of moisture, it can turn to liquid, causing damage.

“We try to maintain control over the environment of the uncontrollable outside,” Fong said.

On the podcast, Fong encourages everyone building to not save all of their money on just the interior contents of a piece of property, but on the exterior as well– for, if there’s an external fault, it will ruin all of the beautiful interior contents.

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