Drones are no longer just a hobby for the average Joe. Unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming popular in all major industries, including construction, as these hypermobile tools can gather valuable data and take real-time photos.

On-site aerial photography has always been a big component of a construction site. Drones are both user-friendly and technologically sophisticated, providing essential insights for construction workers. Companies use these images for surveying purposes as well as to keep records for their portfolio. According to a recent report by DroneDeploy, construction drone usage has increased by 239% year over year.

Drones are a low-cost option used to provide data and photography necessary for construction workers to create 3D aerial mapping of the site. The images also help improve logistics on a job site. Drones provide construction companies with a distinct vantage point from the sky that is difficult to get some other tools. By stitching together drone photos, project managers can see an up-to-date map of their site and the surrounding area.

Autonomous drones can also help prevent safety issues on a site by accessing areas that pose a danger to workers or inspectors. Pre-programmed drone inspectors are occurring more frequently on job sites as it protects and keeps the worker safe.

Before drones, the equipment necessary for such work was expensive and cumbersome. An unmanned aerial vehicle is easier to maneuver and control in the skype than conventional resources used to take pictures.