The Relationships that Keep the Architecture World Moving

Architects do not just develop relationships with clients; they need a team working with them to transform their plans into something amazing. It is true that architects are, first and foremost, concerned about pleasing the client, but they have many other relationships with other business partners that make the project complete.

Relationships and Reputation Matter

Architects care very much about specifying certain materials for residential and commercial builds. They often have long-standing relationships with other vendors and keep working with them because of the quality of the product and the partnership.

Architects are motivated by both aesthetics and reliability of the product. They do not want to spec a certain type of interior door then hear later they have fallen into disrepair. They want to continue to have a trustworthy reputation, so they certainly do their due diligence when choosing partners.

Who Architects Work with on Projects

The list of vendors needed to build a 5,000-square-foot house or a commercial warehouse is long. However, it starts with the architect’s plans. In this part of the project, the architect has the ability to specify everything from the kitchen sink to the flow of the building. So, to start with, architects must have a good relationship with a dependable builder.

Architects and builders can sometimes be on different parts of the spectrum, but they both ultimately care about delivering a well-built structure to the clients. There has to be a healthy dynamic between architect and builder because lots of times the builder has to decline certain specifications because of the cost or intricacy of the item. The architect does not just want to hear ‘no’, but also ‘why’, and what the alternatives are.

When architects and builders work together in this way, it keeps the project moving while satisfying the client’s requirements and the architect does not feel as though the design has been compromised.

Building Inside Out

Another key player in the project is an interior designer. Architects often work in concert with an interior designer to determine the details, including things like finishes, colors, tile choices, and more. This relationship has to be one of mutual respect for it to work. The architect has to respect the talents and expertise of the interior designer and vice-versa.

Interior designers think much more about the function of the space and how it will be inhabited. That perspective helps architects make adjustments in plans. With this type of insight from an interior designer, the final plans are more defined, considering all the aspects of how the space will be used.

Staying on Brand

Architects also develop relationships with specific brands. For example, many architects specify specific windows and doors for the home. Windows and door brands are plentiful, each with their own attributes. These types of brands certainly make lots of attempts to be a helpful resource for architects. Many have sites or sections of their websites dedicated to architects, sharing spec files and offering advice on what material is the best for a certain look or climate.

While windows and doors may seem like a commodity, there are certain brands that have products that fit exactly what the architect intends, both aesthetically and performance-wise. For example, architects that produce plans for homes or building in coastal areas may specify fiberglass doors rather than wood because of how the material performs in moisture.

When an architect has a go-to for windows, doors, or other materials, it is usually the product of a longstanding relationship. The architect needs to feel comfortable with the product, while the brand must continue to deliver quality products.

Architects do not make partnership choices lightly. They have to be certain that all those partners they bring to the table understand the overall vision, not just based on the plans but also the desires of the client. Much of the relationship the architect has with a builder, interior designer, or brand is built on trust. Architects put a lot of pride into their designs and having the right team to execute it is paramount and the reason for creating and sustaining working relationships.

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