An innovative state of the art robot—the TyBot™—is making big news in New Hampshire. The TyBot™ is a revolutionary marvel for the construction industry, including Audley, Inc., the company that employed the TyBot™ to aid crews during a bridge building project in Manchester, NH. The TyBot™ is an autonomous rebar-tying robot which can augment or reduce labor need in the most critical path activity in bridge deck construction.

Traditionally, rebar tying is a tedious, time-consuming, back-breaking, accident-prone task, typically taking 6 to 8 workers to complete working 10-hour days. No one knows the toll this task can take on the body like Bryan Audley, CEO of Audley, Inc. Regarding his decision to utilize the TyBot™ on the bridge project, Mr. Audley stated, “Anything we can do technologically or mechanically to eliminate some of the more laborious and repetitive tasks so that skilled labor can work on more complicated tasks.”

TyBot™ can be easily transported with an F250 or similar vehicle and a 40’ trailer, and requires no additional equipment, permits or dependencies. It provides effortless integration into current operations, offering easy 4-hour setup with tool-less fabrication on and off bridges, and 2-person assembly with a crane or lift. Once rebar is ready to be tied, TyBot™ autonomously navigates the bridge deck, identifying each intersection with no pre-mapping or calibration required, tying each one until completion. Priced similarly to a concrete truck, the TyBot™ runs 24/7 rain or shine. Designed not to impede other equipment or infrastructure, it rides along existing screed rail support and is compatible for 10’ to 145’ bridge widths and rebar intersections. Further, each TyBot™ is staffed with an extensively trained & experienced Quality Control Technician to ensure safety protocols are met while managing transport, assembly, operation, disassembly, quality assurance, and wire and fuel replacement.

Partnering with the robotics world to improve construction, TyBot™ was developed by a team of construction veterans and robotics engineers. The originality and functionality of the TyBot™ afforded the TyBot, LLC and Brayman Construction team a finalist designation for the 2018 Innovation Award presented by The Associated General Contractors of America.

Watch this video clip to see how the TyBot™ is helping construction companies more safely and efficiently meet project deadlines, saving stakeholder and taxpayer dollars.