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“Breaking the Pocket” Inside Warren Moon’s Unconventional Route to the NFL

warren moon game changers
  Warren Moon's play on the field is what made him an NFL legend, but his path to get there was anything but conventional. In this clip from the next episode of Game Changers with Katie Read more


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Will Ransomware Remain the Attack of Choice for Cybercriminals?
October 27, 2021
It is often said that crime doesn't pay. That might not apply to the world of cybercrime. In 2020, research from Atlas VPN found that cybercrime earned $1.5 trillion dollars in revenue. One approach to Read more
How the Supply Chain Shortage is Affecting Commercial HVAC Supply and Distribution
October 27, 2021
  “The HVAC industry right now is dealing with the same issues that virtually every other industry is facing at the moment,” Alexis said. Over the past year and a half, the pandemic caused numerous issues Read more
Weaver Beyond the Numbers Property Taxes, An Appeal to the Appeals Process
October 26, 2021
  The tax assessor’s notice isn’t always the final say on what taxpayers must remit. Companies can easily appeal these decisions with a proactive appeal strategy for their real and personal property taxes . Read more
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The Pandemic Encourages Innovative Thinking and New Partnerships in the Healthcare Industry
October 26, 2021
  John Elliott, VP, Sales at Carevive spoke with Host Daniel J. Litwin on his observations about the industry at the HLTH 2021 Tradeshow in Boston, Mass. Elliott noted many positive Read more
Ideal Conditions: Protecting Historical Documents, Art, Literature, and Other Important Cultural Artifacts
October 25, 2021
 When the Cathedral Notre Dame in Paris experienced a near-catastrophic fire in April of 2019, it served as a stark reminder that important cultural documents and artifacts, such as original Read more
Part One: Navigating Change As A Leader In Today’s World: ConCensis
October 21, 2021
As a society at large, we've gone through a massive cultural upheaval and have had many of our societal norms challenged by a time of crisis. Not only was this a strain on Read more
Part 2: Quality Control in Delivery Only Ghost Kitchens Utilizing AI and Computer Vision
October 21, 2021
  On the second part of a two-part episode of To the Edge and Beyond by Intel with Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin is Maria Meow, APAC Hospitality Vertical Marketing Manager for Intel's Read more
Wavelengths: How to Craft a Quality Company Culture
October 20, 2021
  Crafting a quality company culture is simple, right? If it were, every organization would boast. Creating quality and sustainable company culture in today’s workplace environment may Read more
Assessing the Value of Early-Stage PE Investments
October 20, 2021
  Valuing venture or early-stage private equity investments can be tricky since they don't typically have revenues or cash flow yet. As such, applying traditional valuation Read more
Calculating the Hidden Cost of Gearing Up for Smart Cities
October 19, 2021
  Keypoints: Cities have started using smart tech to collect data. Sensors and voice activation detects things such as traffic congestion. Smart cities allow Read more
Impressions: Hot Trends in Self-Storage for 2021
October 18, 2021
  RV and boat purchases are up, creating new opportunities for self-storage tenants and self-storage operators offering enhanced protection on renters’ valuable assets. Jacquelyn Nash, Read more
As Math Proficiency Scores Decline Nationwide, How Should Curriculum Shift?
October 18, 2021
  Disruptions to education during the pandemic had a serious impact on knowledge retention and student performance, and it's bearing out in assessment numbers. Whether Read more