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Daniel Litwin

Editor, B2B Media

Continued Threats Require a Major Shift in Healthcare Cybersecurity Risk Perception


Recent cyberattacks on healthcare institutions have thrust cybersecurity from a back-office concern to the forefront of the healthcare industry’s agenda. A significant breach at Change Healthcare disrupted essential services, underlining the vulnerability of healthcare networks to such threats and the dire consequences for patient care. Government and industry responses have stressed the importance of third-party cybersecurity assessments and compliance standards to fortify healthcare infrastructure. With a staggering 63% of known exploited vulnerabilities identified within healthcare networks, including critical medical devices, the sector is under immense pressure to bolster its defenses. This urgency is more than protecting data; it’s about creating a proactive defense to ensure patient care continuity amidst the digital transformation.

How can healthcare organizations balance technological advancements with the imperative for robust cybersecurity measures?

Welcome to “Experts Talk,” presented by MarketScale, where host Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, convenes with Dr. Robin Berthier, the CEO & Co-Founder of Network Perception, Davy Wittock, the Chief Business Officer at InFlux Technologies, and Mike Isbitski, the Director of Cybersecurity Strategy at Sysdig. This episode dissects the evolving landscape of cybersecurity risk perception in healthcare, probing into the strategic and operational shifts necessitated by recent high-profile cyber breaches.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • The escalating cybersecurity threats facing healthcare networks and the crucial balance between technological innovation and security
  • The role of third-party cybersecurity assessments and the federal push for comprehensive compliance standards
  • Strategies for healthcare organizations to mitigate vulnerabilities and strengthen their cybersecurity posture

Meet the Experts:

Dr. Robin Berthier is a seasoned cybersecurity expert who focuses on network security for critical infrastructures. As co-founder of Network Perception, his work is instrumental in shaping cybersecurity strategies for healthcare organizations.

As Chief Business Officer at InFlux Technologies, Davy Wittock brings a wealth of experience in bridging the gap between technology and business strategy, with a keen focus on innovative cybersecurity solutions.

At the helm of cybersecurity strategy at Sysdig, Mike Isbitski’s insights into the complex cybersecurity landscape guide organizations through the maze of digital threats and protective measures.

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