The Right HVAC System for Your Building May Not Be the Most Expensive

Boland and Lynxspring are two strategic partners that help bring HVAC system solutions to building owners. Katie Kimmel, Account Executive at Boland, and Marc Petok, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Lynxspring, Inc., joined host Tyler Kern to talk about HVAC systems and providing the right solutions for building owners.

“When we first meet with a client, we always want to discuss with them what their needs are in general for their building and control system,” Kimmel said. Part of that discussion is to find out what changes or upgrades that clients might be making to their system. “With those discussions and with their input, we can help define and develop the best solution for them.”

Building owners have different needs and goals, and an owner is often looking to update their control systems, not replace them. And, when the solution matches the need, Kimmel said they bring in Lynxspring’s offerings. “They help us put together some of the software drivers and hardware that we would need. The result is the customer has better control of their equipment, better control over the plant, and an enhanced user interface, which is more helpful for their building operators,” Kimmel said.

“I don’t know of any building owner that wants to rip out something they have unless they strategically have to,” Petock said. “So, the fact the technology exists today, and Boland has the people, the technicians and the ability to put together solutions that do not require that rip-and-replace, is second-to-none out in the industry.”

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