In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, technological ingenuity is emerging at the forefront of the battle against the spread of disease. Trent Kelly from Copper Clean joined us to discuss how copper can be repurposed as a frontline defense.

According to Kelly, copper has a long history of being used for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that dates to ancient civilizations. Initially contracted by the Department of Defense to find a way to combat biological weapons, Kelly and his team functionalized their copper at a near-atomic level to enhance and maximize those properties. At the conclusion of the contract, the team decided that the benefits of this specially engineered copper should be made available for everybody.

Flash forward to the present, where states are beginning to phase in reopening and we’re all warily peeking our heads out of our doors and considering the possibility of a return to society. Innovations like Copper Clean are exactly what the doctor ordered. For instance, Kelly spoke about the application of the functionalized copper on high-touch surfaces in public schools (door handles, water fountains, etc.), and how just a first pass can drastically reduce disease transmission.

Could copper really be the guardian we need to help stop COVID-19? “The sky’s the limit,” said Kelly.

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