People, Process, Service: How to Run a City in the Sky


What does it take to run the 32nd tallest building in the United States? On this week’s episode of People, Process, Service, Adam Bernhardt, VP, and Senior General Manager at JLL discussed the process of servicing people working in a 1.85 million-square-foot office tower, noted for its iconic green lights outlining the building. Naturally, this doesn’t happen alone. Bernhardt said he relies on the efforts of a team of many people to keep day-to-day operations running smooth.

Because of the changing nature in the way businesses work today, Bernhardt said the building has more business tenants then they used to have. “As technology comes in, one employee can do more and be more productive with fewer resources, so we have more tenants, but they are taking up the same amount of space as when we had fewer.” The advantage of having more tenants, Bernhardt said, is more diversity in the types of businesses sharing the building space. This diversity creates a sustainable environment that not only benefits the community of businesses but the building as well.

As for the type of people Bernhardt looks to help manage a building of this scale, “they have to be service-oriented,” Bernhardt said. “What we’re trying to do for our tenants is make it a great environment. It’s having the right people trained to provide the right service and teaching them to see how that’s important to create that environment.”

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