On this episode of the MarketScale Building Management Podcast, host Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, was joined by Todd Jenkins, President of Jenkins Roofing, Jennifer Long, National Manager for Commercial Contractor Programs at GAF, and Jo Ann Moreno, Senior Commercial Territory Manager at GAF for a roundtable podcast discussion on the current state of commercial roofing.

The discussion began with thoughts on what’s hot, and what’s not in today’s commercial roofing industry. Jenkins said a lot of building owners are looking for certified inspections from certified roofers. And what wasn’t hot? Roofs that are not being looked after or maintained for months and years at a time.

Long and Moreno agreed, with Moreno adding, the building managers are becoming more educated on roofing maintenance and what they want out of a maintenance contract. Jenkins noted, managers were becoming more specific in the roofing materials they were looking for.

“Everyone wants a No Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty, right now,” Moreno said.

An NDL is the protection from the manufacturer to the owner. Long told the panel that often times roofs are replaced too frequently, when maintenance and repairs were all that was needed. Long mentioned there was an opportunity for contractors to differentiate themselves from those who are quick to replace than to repair.

The podcast roundtable went on to discuss common roofing misconceptions, like having an NDL warranty means the roof is maintenance free for the next 20 years; the discussion further stressed the need to proactive maintain one’s roof to ensure longevity.

Listen to this roofing roundtable for insights into how different regions should prepare their roofs uniquely for weather, how solar adds new layers of inspection education to the industry, and where data from AI might take roofing inspections in the future.

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