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Brandon Morgan

Vice President, Platform

How to Build and Grow Community with a Live Virtual Event

Going live is the name of the game in B2B media, and not just because it’s how people consume content in the modern landscape. Going live can also help your organization with its overall goal of using holistic, owned media channels to build an organic community around your brand.

On this episode of MarketScale’s Community Reengaged, host Tyler Kern invited Vice President of Client Services Brandon Morgan to explore how broadcasting to internal team members and customers can build that community, why successfully promoting these shows with email campaigns and more can enhance attendance, and how these events help sales teams more effectively communicate and grow the business.

“Especially as we move forward and, ideally, get back into the swing of things with real, in-person events, I think the value in live events is broadcasting to a broader audience,” Morgan said. “Think about a trade show, for instance. A lot of the members of your community and your industry will physically be there at that show, but a number of them won’t be.

“Being able to go live allows you to showcase what you’re doing in person to a much wider audience.”

That means that, in addition to product announcements, live podcasts and more, going virtual in combination with in-person events can bring exponential returns.

“It would be crazy if you could only watch the Super Bowl in person,” Morgan said. “That’s the reason live events exist.”

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