How To Scale A Wastewater and Water Treatment Company

Growth is an important aspect, no matter the industry. As a B2B company, companies need to invest time to grow. For too long, companies have tried to be generalists and appease as many markets as possible. But, often, companies can benefit from going niche and focusing on the things where they excel.


When it comes to scaling up, there are often a lot of questions around the idea. Whether you are a marketing director or a CEO, some wonder how or when to scale. Then you have to get your teams on board to buy into an initiative or company growth.

On this episode of Scaling Up, Host Tim Maitland talked with Andy McNeill, President and CEO of Denali Water Solutions, a residuals and biosolids management company that offers services throughout the west coast and the southern United States. They provide a broad range of services to wastewater and water treatment plants both, municipal and industrial, to provide operations, cleanouts, and disposal for digestion, dewatering, pits, tanks, and lagoons.

“I believe there’s an opportunity in the United States to create a business, a large business, that capitalizes on the leverage of the ways we can dispose of various waste streams.” – Andy McNeill

Denali has its hands in a lot of different pots. McNeill is tasked with growing each of these market segments and leads massive, massive enterprise-scale every day. Before working at Denali, Andy was the CEO of Terra Renewal and its subsidiaries. He grew Terra from a small residuals company to the 23rd largest waste company in the US. He believes in the growth in this industry.

“In terms of being able to scale, I believe there’s an opportunity in the United States to create a business, a large business, that capitalizes on the leverage of the ways we can dispose of various waste streams,” McNeill said.

One of the most important aspects to consider when scaling is ensuring the proper capital structure. Businesses need to be in a position to support the growth they think they can get. Some of that growth is organic, and some are acquisitive, but it’s crucial to have strategic plans on both fronts.

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