Relationships in business have always mattered, maybe even more so now, as organizations drive to innovate and engage. Finding the right connections can impact what happens to ideas. Molly Pedemonte, a business consultant with a high aptitude for strategic change, serves as a TPG Consulting Director. She works with companies to identify what’s working and what isn’t. During her career journey, she’s had many relationships that have nurtured her along the way.

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Relationships are a lot about sharing knowledge, especially between generations. Pedemonte calls this “tribal knowledge.” She said, “Transferring tribal knowledge in the workplace moves information from generation to generation.”

On her path to learning and sharing, Pedemonte talked about some interesting relationships she’s formed. “People come in and out of your life when you least expect it,” she said. One such person was her former high school English teacher. They’ve now become peers and friends, and she appreciates what she’s gained from working with her.

“I have a lifetime of knowledge, but my lifetime hasn’t been that long. I depend on others to share knowledge with me because I don’t know what I don’t know. People have invested with me, so I’m ready to invest in others,” Pedemonte stated.

Relationship building is critical to success in business. Being relationship-focused allows anyone to grow and evolve. Thinking together often lets ideas bloom, and possibilities seem endless. Being relationship focused.

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