Signal Blends Tech and Community to Mold the Future of the Security Industry at GSX 2023


Signal, the residential and commercial security services company, stands out with its unique blend of technology and community-based approach in the world of the security industry. As a global brand specializing in physical site security, Signal has been enhancing its technological capabilities over the last eighteen months to better serve its diverse clientele. However, what’s really making it stand out as capable of serving a variety of security needs across the nation is its approach to regionally-conscious expansions of its services.

What types of enhancements have they made in the last year, and how did Signal showcase what sets its brand apart as a franchise-based model at this year’s Global Security Exchange (GSX)? To hear how Signal is navigating major trends shaping the security industry, Josh Vogel, Strategic Partnerships Regional Manager at Signal, shared his perspectives from GSX 2023’s trade show floor.

Josh’s Thoughts:

What are you showcasing this year at GSX?

“What we’re bringing to the table and what we’ve actually been doing over the last eighteen months is really enhancing that technology aspect to better serve our customers.

Signal is a brand that’s now a global brand, and we’re ever evolving, but it’s primarily physical site security. We do roaming patrols as well as dedicated officers, and hybrid systems. So, we’re just showcasing what we do from that perspective. But what makes us unique is really the franchise aspect of our brand. So Signal is a franchise-based model. We have headquarters in Omaha, which provides support for all of our franchise owners across the globe. So, the unique thing about that is that we’ve got local ownership in each individual market that we service. So, we really have skin in the game.

You know, we have owners that are more committed to that local community. Any impact that they might have on their local community is really directly impacted by them as well. So, we support them at a global level, but at the same time, it’s more community-based franchise locations that we have. So that’s really what makes us unique.”

How does your company structure help to deliver a better solution or experience?

“Well, I think first and foremost, you know, a lot of the franchise owners are from those markets. So, they know the market trends. They know the culture within each individual location. So, whether you’re a Northeasterner, as we say, or a Midwesterner, they share those same core values that they have within those regions. So, I think it’s a lot more impactful for them to go in and market and work with those customers in those regions because they have similar likes and beliefs within those markets.”

What are some of the major trends shaping security today and how do they intersect with Signal’s solutions?

“Well, I think, obviously, in the last twenty years, there’s been a huge increase in the technology aspects, not only in the security industry, but worldwide within a number of different industries. So, I think Signal, what we’re bringing to the table and what we’ve actually been doing over the last eighteen months is really enhancing that technology aspect to better serve our customers. Obviously, there’s going to be a physical presence there, but we want to make sure that we’re utilizing the technology appropriately to better serve our customers in that regard. So, I think that’s probably the biggest piece from an industry trend as well as Signal itself, to ensure the technology is really up to date and ensures that we’re at the forefront of that.”

Article written by Cara Schildmeyer.

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