What’s Next in the World of Email Automation?

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Greg Norton is a Marketing Cloud Account Executive at Salesforce, and he shared his thoughts about what’s next in the world of email and automation,

“I could think of it in terms of three different buckets on what we’ll call a maturity model.

The first bucket is really the most basic level that’s expected of organizations to have today, and that’s to be able to use automation to send out emails, such as happy birthdays and different things like that.

That second bucket on the maturity model starts to connect different things like channels using social media and digital advertising, with email automation still being that main driver, and it’s the beginning of being able to connect that customer experience across their preferred channel, but not really in real time in moments that matter.

But what about that third bucket, that pinnacle that organizations nowadays are all trying to get to faster than the competition? It really comes down to making sure that you are sending out relevant engagements to all your customers at a one-on-one level across all touchpoints.

It really comes down to that value proposition of understanding what people need and want in real time, so you can respond in the moment before your competition does.

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