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Big Tech is Helping Healthcare Organizations Recover Profit Loss

In a call of recruitment, Greg Ryan first learned of his job in a simple pitch: to help doctors save lives. Now as a Principal Solutions Engineer in the healthcare unit at Salesforce, Read more


California storms farmers
California Storms Have Farmers Rushing to Avoid Crop Shortfall
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — California farmers are facing costly damages from weeks of severe California storms that may trigger more expensive US fruits and vegetables in a time of massive food inflation. “The numbers are going to be somewhere in the hundreds of millions and perhaps in the billions,” Dave Puglia, head of the trade group Western […]

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Finding and Keeping Great People to Help Achieve Your Vision
January 27, 2023

José Andrés, Chef and Founder of World Central Kitchen, once said, “The business of feeding people is the most amazing business in the world.” While this rings true for many chefs and restaurant owners, the last several years have put businesses in delicate financial situations and has resulted in numerous closures across the […]

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Public Libraries are Protecting Against Censorship and Introducing E-Sports
January 27, 2023

Within the last six to eight years, what qualifies as fact-based information has been challenged by several political groups and debates. Advocacy for censorship has been on the rise; this is especially true for young adult books involving LGBTQ+ themes and books centering around people of color. While censorship demands were predominately held in […]

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Big Tech is Helping Healthcare Organizations Recover Profit Loss
June 6, 2022

In a call of recruitment, Greg Ryan first learned of his job in a simple pitch: to help doctors save lives. Now as a Principal Solutions Engineer in the healthcare unit at Salesforce, Ryan knows how true that pitch rings. Ryan joined Highway to Health host David Kemp to discuss his critical role at Salesforce […]

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Using The Cloud For Custom Salesforce Solutions
March 1, 2022

Host of Energy 2 Business, Daniel Litwin, spoke with Ross Benton, director at Opportune, and Chris Baker, production manager at Ensign Natural Resources, about their experiences with Salesforce and how the platform has allowed them to address evolving operational needs. The two passionately relate their experiences with Salesforce and the need for a comprehensive, cost-effective […]

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The Retail Sales Dilemma and How to Solve It
August 27, 2021

Retail, maybe more than any other industry, was thrust into the acceleration of online shopping trends via COVID, now tasked with balancing a robust omnichannel sales presence and strategy. Where are retail professionals facing the biggest B2B sales conversion challenges today, and why? And how can those strategies lead to more thoughtful CRM usage, […]

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What’s Next in the World of Email Automation?
April 23, 2021

Greg Norton is a Marketing Cloud Account Executive at Salesforce, and he shared his thoughts about what’s next in the world of email and automation, “I could think of it in terms of three different buckets on what we’ll call a maturity model. The first bucket is really the most basic level that’s expected of […]

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The Weekly Scale: March 29th 2021
March 29, 2021

This week at MarketScale, we took our sweet tooth to new heights, unveiled two of our newest original series, and elevated the debate about which technologies will power the next wave of automation. Dust off your glove for a new baseball season. It’s the start of a new week, and it’s time to scale up. […]

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What SalesForce’s Purchase of Slack Means for End Users
December 7, 2020

CRM leader Salesforce is set to acquire collaboration and communication solution Slack, with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff stating that the two “will shape the future of enterprise software and transform the way everyone works in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.” Will they? What are the enterprise software world’s first impressions of this mega deal, and […]

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Addressing Retail’s Experience Challenges with Data
October 6, 2020

As a Senior Manager on the Strategy and Insights for Retail and Consumer Goods team at Salesforce, Caila Schwartz’s goal is simple – help retailers gain a competitive edge via actionable data and insights. Schwartz joined Retail Refined for a conversation with host Melissa Gonzalez on how that goal takes shape in practice, diving […]

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E2B: Transforming the Energy Industry with Salesforce
August 17, 2020

“The uses for Salesforce in the oil and gas industry are growing all the time,” says John Freeman, Director in Process & Technology for Opportune, who recently stopped by E2B to talk about why companies are partnering with the firm to leverage core Salesforce capabilities to reduce costs, increase innovation and support the rapidly […]

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Why Marc Benioff Believes Facebook Should Be Broken Up
October 18, 2019

Marc Benioff, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that he believes Facebook should be broken up. But why does he feel this way? On this excerpt from Business Casual, Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern explore the reasons for breaking Facebook up and imagine what the ramifications of such an event would […]

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