Lane Wakefield, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sports Marketing and Analytics Mercer University

Lane Wakefield’s research interests are in consumer information processing of marketing communication and experience services. His current projects focus on the psychological motives for ephemeral social media (e.g., Snapchat, Instagram Stories) use and consumer-brand-property interactions in sponsorship.

His work has been published in leading journals, such as the Journal of Service Research (#2 Marketing Journal by Impact Factor in 2017), the Journal of Interactive Marketing (#4 Marketing Journal by Impact Factor in 2017) and Sport Management Review (#1 Sport Management Journal by Impact Factor in 2017).

Lane’s high impact research helps to inform his work in the classroom. He teaches in online and traditional classrooms including subjects within the realm of consumer behavior, particularly sports and entertainment marketing. He updates and incorporates course material to include the latest findings in academic research. Drawing from work and consulting experience in the marketing and selling of sports, he provides real-world opportunities as he teaches.

For example, his classes have helped work on projects for professional sport teams and organizations that serve on Mercer’s Sports Marketing & Analytics Advisory Board. In research, teaching and service, Lane Wakefield enjoys bringing enthusiasm and high energy to facilitate learning and guide students to reach their goals.