Exam Proctoring Softwares Draw Criticisms Over Student Privacy

There’s no question that the remote learning technology that popped up and evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic helped students and teachers engage from a distance under truly extraordinary circumstances.

However, now that the dust has settled, concerns have arisen – specifically around the privacy rights of students asked to take exams and complete other work under the watchful eye of online proctoring services like ProctorU.

Online exam proctoring methods have been drawing heavy criticism due to their often vague set of policies and best practices, as well extremely present and invasive forms of monitoring.

These services often use technologies like facial recognition, mouse movement control and system performance control, raising pertinent questions about how far is too far in the quest to ensure a level playing field.

Another online proctor, Examus, claims it uses eye-tracking, technology that scans student environments for other people in the room, and what it calls “emotion detection.”

On this MarketScale Industry Update, Kevin Hogan, host of MarketScale’s Remote Possibilities, joined host Daniel Litwin to discuss the factors that make students feel the need to cheat, and explore how school districts can better account for privacy moving forward, which technologies are truly necessary, strategies that enhance remote and hybrid learning without being overly focused on punitive measures, and more.

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