FirePoint, a partnership between Wichita State University and the U.S. Army, aims to engage high school and university students in STEM learning and prep them for careers in the Department of Defense and beyond.

“We have a major competition that we’re running right now with universities using university tech, and we had a bunch of workshops and other in-person site visits with companies planned for these students so that they could get a real appreciation for what working in a modern company context is like,” FirePoint Executive Director Steve Cyrus said.

However, like any initiative as of late, FirePoint has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its remote requirements. But, Cyrus said, the show must go on.
Cyrus joined the Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, remotely to discuss how FirePoint has adapted to the restrictions and ripple effects of the global pandemic, outlining the initiative’s strategy for reaching students wherever they are.

“With this particular case, we looked at it as a great opportunity,” Cyrus said. “I think that’s probably step No. 1. … We looked at it as an opportunity to actually move more technology into what we’re doing. The way that we were already set up was to have some amount of in-person visits and some amount of collaborative, virtual visits, but we just really leaned into that virtual portion of it.”

With that in mind, FirePoint has begun sending out virtual reality headsets to teams to allow them to work within a virtual space, letting the innovation and learning continue.

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