How is Our Mental Health?

It’s no secret that working in education can be very mentally taxing, and students themselves can struggle mentally, too. Attention on mental health can sometimes be overlooked and we may not realize how educators and students are feeling or how their mental health can affect what they do in and out of the classroom. So how is mental health being tackled in schools now and how can educators make the most of the funds they receive?

On this episode of DistruptED, host Ron Stefanski spoke with Will McCoy, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at  about the “mental health and wellness of our kids out there in our schools.” Stefanski and McCoy discuss the importance of mental health, both how it is affected in school and away from school. Students lead busy lives and how they engage with each other greatly impacts their mental health. Specifically, social media spaces can have a very damaging effect on a student’s mental health, especially with the prevalence of false narratives which are commonly seen on these platforms.

To address this, federal funding is being directed to schools with the aim of assisting educators and the students they teach. “On the funding side, I think what’s important is, yes, we’re seeing…unprecedented levels of investment in education. I appreciate that, and I know my colleagues nationwide appreciate that, said McCoy. “The challenge with it currently is that it is onetime money or shortterm money. It is not ongoing funding increases, which, at a very fundamental level, I think education needs”

This episode also covers…

1. The best ways to take advantage of federal funding

2. How everyone can take part in helping student’s mental health

3. Investing in faculty upscaling and training

“If you live in California, you are funded at one rate. If you live in Connecticut…students are funded at a very different rate,” said McCoy. “And so, to expect everyone to perform at the same level is a little unreasonable.”

Will McCoy is currently Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Invo Healthcare. He has previously been the Vice President of Business Development at Sonoma Technology, Inc., as well as its Senior Business Strategist and Program Lead for Education and Outreach. He is also the CoFounder of DistruptED and Founder of Ed Tech Authority.

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