How One El Paso District Found Significant Online Learning Success

Location: El Paso, Texas. Place: Clint ISD (independent school district.) Time: 2019. Even before the pandemic shuttered classrooms across the country and left school districts searching for online solutions, Clint ISD began preparing for a comprehensive communication solution that would unknowingly benefit students when the pandemic struck.

Mark Jones, Vice President of Sales at FrontRow, discussed how Clint ISD’s partnership with FrontRow paid off at the right time to provide students and teachers with the right communications tools to get through the past year’s challenges.

“While some districts implemented some remote or recorded access to lessons, I think it’s safe to say that most districts were in a scramble to accommodate part or all of their students being at home for the first time,” Jones said. “When the lockdowns started, districts scrambled to get devices in the hands of students if they didn’t already have a one-to-one program in place.”

Within weeks of the lockdown, FrontRow was operating in overdrive to put systems in place for schools. But, while all this was taking place, Clint ISD was ahead of the curve.

So, how was Clint ISD able to roll out online learning successfully from the pandemic’s start? Jones pointed out that, before the pandemic, FrontRow worked with Clint ISD’s superintendent, Dr. Juan Martinez, to implement a district-wide solution.

“It was a combination of both classroom systems and campus-wide communication,” Jones said. “I’d like to say he had a crystal ball, but the purpose at that time was more to incorporate instructional professional development, as well as some safety aspects, and give the teachers a classroom sound system and AV management system that was easy for them to use.”

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