Virtual classrooms and digital collaboration technologies are known quantities these days in large part due to the pandemic. And thanks to companies such as X2O Media, the bridge from the physical class and workplace to the virtual one may be a little easier. Mansour Brek, President of X2O Media, stopped by the podcast to give his thoughts and perspective in the significant changes taking place in the industry.

“Higher education’s adoption of virtual classroom technology accelerated like crazy because they were forced to move everything online,” Brek said. Brek does not know the long-term outcome of online education after the pandemic, but he did have one prediction. “I think the one thing that’s clear for the future is hybrid type classrooms where some people will be physically in the room, and others that will attend remotely.”

One key takeaway from the pandemic Brek noted was how students choose to consume online classroom content. If higher ed students are not interested enough in the class when they had to attend it physically, they may be less so when it is online, choosing instead to view it later as a recording. Brek said the class needs to be engaging and include participation and classroom activities regardless if it is in a virtual or physical setting.

Engagement in the virtual setting is the cornerstone of X2O Media’s solutions for digital collaboration. “With our solutions, by giving the remote participant a presence in the physical classroom, it keeps both sides engaged,” Brek said. “We feel the difference is night and day between the typical e-learning session and a true interaction between teacher and student that is achievable with our technology.”

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