The Challenges Facing K-12 Education

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Ron Stefanski, Executive Director for Centric Learning, spoke about the importance of the challenge and the opportunity that’s facing us in K-12 education.

“It’s the difference between spending our future and investing our future.

The challenges of COVID haven’t created the problems in our schools and, with teaching our students and delivering on our commitment to deliver a high quality education to every student and every child, COVID has simply revealed many of the challenges the school districts and school leaders face.

As I listen to superintendents and school leaders across the country, the same theme has arisen. And that is the difference between spending and investing.

We know we’re going to return to the classroom in the months ahead, but we’re not going to return to normal.

Instead, I think many agree that we’re going to face a new normal in our schools. And that’s because we’ve learned about the pratfalls of technology, and also the opportunities to unleash and harness technology in new ways that can improve and enhance the learning experience for our kids.

I think that’s the most important opportunity and the most important challenge. And, if we think about the federal funding that’s coming, it is an investment in our infrastructure, as much as we’re going to be investing in our roads and highways in the months and years ahead.

Now is the time for us to invest as never before in creating the most dynamic, engaging state-of-the-art, innovative 21st century Educational Foundation in this country so that every student has the future that they richly deserve and imagined for themselves.”

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