Welcome back to the Online Learning Minute at Marketscale. Today we’re going to discuss what makes a BAD online education video.

While we spoke about what makes a good online education video in previous episodes, recognizing what makes a bad online education video is just as important. There has been research done that shows how a learner’s attention span falls significantly after 6 minutes of video, so those hour-long presentations aren’t the best solution. Taking previously recorded lectures and chopping them up also isn’t a good practice since even though you can get a highly focused video, you still have moments of “uhm” and “uh”.

Pre-production of an online education video is more important than quality, so planning out the shots you’ll have, the content to be discussed, and the flow of the video should be planned out long before the shoot actually happens. Moving back to quality, having background noise like a siren going off, a very low quality microphone, a TV in the background, or dogs barking deteriorates the quality of the audio and distracts the learner. Planning to record your audio in a quiet place with at least a moderate quality microphone without distractions will yield a better video.

As for the visual quality, we don’t have to film 8K video and have cinematic production with CGI and special effects, but we also don’t have to just be talking over a PowerPoint. A great video contains information on the screen, the instructors face, and hand movement. Last, the thing that kills most videos is having a poor presentation style.

You’re passionate about the topic you’re trying to teach to others, so be sure to show that passion in your video.

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