Tank Talk: An Industry Discussion Catalyst for Retail and Commercial Fuel Providers


What are the cloud solutions driving the retail and commercial fuel industry? How can fuel providers keep up with the latest information and trends and get advice from leaders in the field? Titan Cloud Software proudly introduces a new podcast designed to do just that, as Tank Talk will tackle these topics and the issues surrounding the fuel industry.

David Freese, CEO and CPO at Titan Cloud Software, kicked off the first episode. Freese brings 20-plus years of experience improving and scaling technology businesses to Titan Cloud Software, and he approaches his role as Chief Product Officer (CPO) with equal enthusiasm to that of CEO.

As Freese put it, Titan Cloud is a pure-play SaaS firm focused on facilities that have fuel.

“We’re focused on high-ROI software solutions to improve end-customer fueling experiences, to minimize fuel variance and loss, and to reduce environmental risk,” he said.

One of Freese’s goals is to get the industry as a whole to adopt more technology around analytics and provide best-in-class solutions to help them in these efforts.

“There’s a lot of machine-to-machine, IoT data available,” Freese said. How to collect the data and analyze it effectively is where companies such as Titan Cloud come into play.

What does Freeze look forward to on future episodes of Tank Talk?

“Topics that drive the end-customer fueling experience will be valuable,” Freeze said.

How providers can reduce environmental risk and cost is another vital topic worth discussion. Fuel variance, loss and leak detection was a third subject Freeze believed would generate great talks on future episodes.

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