A Deep Dive Into The History Of Linear Bearings

Linear bearings are indispensable solutions for smooth, quiet effective motion. They are used across various industries, such as industrial, aerospace, logistics, specialty vehicles and the medical field. Linear bearings have changed in the last several decades, and some of these evolutions have left end-users with outdated bearings. So, what makes a modern, quality linear bearing?

On this episode of Line It Up!, a Rollon podcast, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin talked with Scott Spangler, President of Rollon and Andrew Allendorf, Director of Sales at Rollon. The trio dug into a history of books on the industry to track the timeline, evolution and strategies around the best use of bearings.

Scott and Andrew also gave users an idea of how they can get the most out of their bearings.

Before the days of linear bearings, when people were using dovetail slides, they really weren’t bearings at all. Innovations have varied through the years, but the thing that stuck was the profile rail.

Regardless of the application, folks in the industry kept using it. There haven’t been many changes, but Rollon has tried to fill specific holes in the market. This seems to be the way of the future.

“We’ve developed certain products that fit the niches in the market,” Allendorf said.

Listen to learn more about the history of linear bearings and how Rollon fills those specific needs in the marketplace.

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