When a customer calls and requests a quote on a construction project like repairing or replacing a roof, there’s no way to know anything about the site until arriving there. Nearmap changes that. At the International Roofing Expo, Amanda Marchetti, a Project Manager at Nearmap, explains how the technology is modernizing industries like roofing and creating new efficiencies.

Marchetti explains that Nearmap represents “a new era of aerial imagery.” The company takes aerial photos annually of neighborhoods using high-resolution technology. With a 5.5cm resolution, the images are sharp enough for contractors to use them to calculate area, take measurements, and spot details about job sites. The technology offers a vertical birds-eye view, an oblique side view, and, for 50% of sites so far, a 3D model as well.

Considered “remote reconnaissance,” Nearmap helps contractors prepare in advance so they can provide better estimates and prepare more efficiently for projects. Roofers, along with other contractors, can count on new technology like Nearmap to increase efficiencies within their companies as well. Being able to view the same exact data, including job site images, at the same time, from anywhere in the country, unifies efforts.

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