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Automation equipment is on the rise, revolutionizing the manufacturing sector in ways previously unimaginable. Amidst a challenging labor landscape, the thrust towards automation is driven not by a desire to eliminate jobs, but to optimize them, transitioning workers from physically taxing roles to those of greater value and satisfaction.

Companies like Pearson Packaging Systems are the torchbearers of this shift, leveraging advanced automation equipment to deliver customer-centric solutions. They’re playing a critical role in keeping American manufacturing competitive, ushering in a new era of efficiency and quality.

“Made in America” not only applies to Pearson’s product portfolio of end-of-line packaging automation equipment but also highlights the impact their products have on the American manufacturing world. Automation ensures that American manufacturers remain competitive in the world, so their products can continue to be ‘Made in America’.

Embracing automation isn’t merely about conforming to the industry’s trend, but rather a strategic move to secure the future of American manufacturing. As businesses strive for more throughput, increased product quality, and reduced costs, automation equipment stands as the clear way forward. This vision of an automated future extends beyond just manufacturing—it’s directly tied to the economic future of our country.

In this episode of the show, Michael Skense, CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems, and Andrea Zaman, COO at Pearson Packaging Systems  are at the forefront of shaping the future of manufacturing with automation equipment.

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