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Pearson Solutions Group Launches Syntakt Packaging Integrations: Packed With Pearson.

On this episode of Packed With Pearson, Host Tyler Kern talked with Scott Reed, Vice President of Sales for Syntakt Packaging Integrations, and Michael Senske, President of R.A., Pearson Holding Company. They dug into the big news of the formal separation of Pearson’s System Solutions Group from Pearson Packaging Group. The packaging side of the […]

The Remedy For Unfilled Manufacturing Jobs

The labor shortage in the U.S. is reaching crisis level. Even with mass vaccine rollout, there’s still about 10 million people unemployed, and the economy only gained about 266,000 jobs in April, a number considered meager by most economists. On this episode of Packed with Pearson, a Pearson Packaging Podcast, host Daniel Litwin talked with […]

Innovative Approaches to Always-On Service and Support

For customers and OEMs, it isn’t enough to have a state-of-the-art packaging system; service needs to also meet the highest standards. Pearson Packaging Systems’ Rolando Pena, Director of Customer Service, and Brian Patrick, Vice President of Engineering, spoke about the many service options Pearson provides to its customer and OEM base and how their service […]

AI-Driven Vision for Secondary Packaging

A new partnership between Pearson Packaging and Plus One Robotics aims to provide AI-driven solutions to secondary packaging. Michael Senske, President & CEO of Pearson Packaging, and Brent Barcey, VP Business Development, Plus One Robotics, shared this partnership’s details, how it formed and what they plan to accomplish by joining forces. “Pearson has such a […]

The Right Case Packing Solution – From Off-the-Shelf to Custom, the Right Answer Is Configurable

When it comes to case packing, is there such a thing as an off-the-shelf solution? That was the focus of the conversation on this installment of Packed with Pearson. Stuart Cooper, Chief Revenue Officer for Pearson Packaging Systems, and Michael Senske, Chairman and CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems, shared their insights on why a true […]

Packed with Pearson: Why Pearson Is More than Just Erecting and Sealing

  Pearson Packaging Systems has a rich history dating back six decades, but the company is working to remain one of the most technology advanced players providing vertically integrated packaging solutions. While Pearson may be known primarily for erecting and sealing, Michael Senske, Chairman and CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems, noted the company has experience […]