On the Case: Phased Approach to Automation


Automation is an essential technology tool for producers. Still, adoption is often lagging because of concerns over lead times, costs, and deployment. A phased approach to automation is a new path for companies to consider. Discussing the subject, On the Case host, Tyler Kern spoke with Todd Davis, Manager, and John Hodge, Sales Engineer, of INSITE Packaging Automation.

Davis believed there were many benefits to a phased approach to automation by taking things step-by-step. “You don’t have to dive right in; you can, in a sense, wade into it,” Davis said. This style of approach may help companies better manage their resources, especially in times of resource shortages.

A phased approach drives many other benefits, including shorter lead times, more flexibility, ease in scalability, and a reduced learning curve.

Hodge spoke on the experience INSITE Packaging Automation can bring to this phased approach. “With INSITE and Douglas, you have access to a whole line of automation alternatives,” Hodge said. “Some of those alternatives when you come to INSITE and Douglas collectively are erectors, sealers, hand-packed stations, integration, stand-alone case packers, all the way up to fully integrated case packers.”

And the combination of INSITE and Douglas provides over sixty years of experience in helping CPG companies successfully automate.

“We have the knowledge and the skill-set to help you succeed when it comes to the phased approach,” Hodge said.

“And when the time comes,” Davis added, “for the need for our customers to grow, we have that ability through a phased approach to an automation mindset that we’re there to support them through every step of the way to get to that next level.”

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