The Rugged Edge Survival Guide: From the Near Edge to the Far

Premio’s Director of Product Marketing, and resident Edge Tech guru, Dustin Seetoo, once again joined host Daniel Litwin to break down more in-depth coverage of edge computing. And on this episode, Seetoo took Litwin to the ‘near’ and ‘far’ edges of the computing spectrum.

Seetoo noted, off the bat, that data generation outside cloud environments is growing by leaps and bounds, which means edge computing solutions are absolute. “A question I think a lot of people are asking is why is this decentralization that’s happening away from the cloud,” Seetoo said. “It’s definitely not because the cloud’s not doing its job or that the cloud’s a bad resource. It’s really an ability to drive the proximity of data closer to data generation.”

To think of ‘near edge,’ one should start with IoT devices on a factory floor that requires proximity to edge computing. The ‘far edge’ is where remote devices live—5G base stations or rugged edge deployments under challenging environments.

“The ultimate goal, based on the application, is moving compute networking storage resources in specific locations in proximity to where it’s being generated and to figure out a way to dramatically cut down the time it takes, which is the latency and provide this new ultra-low latency type of performance,” Seetoo said.

Newer types of workloads requiring millisecond latency are where, Seetoo said, people will see significant growth in new technologies such as autonomous driving.

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