A Future Look at Aircraft Fueling Operations in The US & Europe

For the final episode of The Valve Chronicles’ look at the differences in aircraft fueling operations between the U.S. and Europe, Cla-Val’s Tom Boriack, Global Market Manager for Fueling, and Richard Hooton, Market Manager, Aviation & Ground Fueling, EMEA for Cla-Val Europe, put on their forward-thinking caps.
What does tomorrow look like for aircraft fueling operations in the U.S. and Europe? Boriack provided three words for host Tyler Kern: safer, faster and greener.

Boriack said the industry is moving toward a smaller carbon footprint and electric vehicles. They’ll need to identify and assess these changes’ impact on other operators in other countries on different continents.

Everything from vehicle resales to parts replacements could change how the U.S. and Europe do business with other parts of the world as newer environmental regulations come into play.

Boriack noted there are already some great vehicles coming out that will move the industry into the future.

“Safer, faster, greener,” Boriack said. “That’s what we’re looking to do. We want to fuel. We want to be safer in the process of fueling. We always want to fuel faster and give the aircraft fuel as fast as it will take to make our operators more efficient. And we want to be greener. We want to reduce the carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly as users, as well.”

“Cla-Val is forward-thinking,” Hooton said. “That one of the nice things about our company. We are young and energetic, and we think we understand what the customers need, and we push, and we push, and we push for the next thing. But what we do and how we do it has to be viewed and designed with a worldwide audience in mind.”

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