Valve Chronicles: Cla-Val University is Back with Online Training Sessions

George Aguilar, Training Manager at Cla-Val, provided some exciting news for industries looking for Cla-Val valve training. CVU (Cla-Val University) is back.

The pandemic may have halted in-person training sessions for the time being, but CVU is now running online training sessions through Zoom.

“We’re providing online courses for operators and end users on our website,” Aguilar said. “They’re live webinars, and we’re providing a different way of training for our customers, now.”

Each online session provides two contact hours of training for attendees.

“Contact hours were something that operators and end users were always looking to obtain, so we’re still able to offer those contact hours through these live webinars,” Aguilar said.

And, while Cla-Val cannot wait for the day they can open training back up to in-person sessions, the online classes allow them to reach a broad audience of people who need training and those in areas not close to a Cla-Val facility.

“We strive to give people the same hands-on experience, but in this virtual format,” Aguilar said.
Aguilar said there were six different variations available to the classes offered through Cla-Val’s online sessions.

“One of the big things for most users is basic operation,” Aguilar said. “We have a whole course just on the main valve. And then we get into individual topics.”

For a complete list of current course offerings, go to

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