Bridging Online Shopping with Brick-and-Mortar: The Importance of Improving Online-to-Offline Tracking in a Post-Cookie Retail Industry


In the dynamic landscape of retail, Google’s impending phase-out of third-party cookies in 2024 marks a pivotal moment, urging brands and retailers to rethink their marketing strategies with a focus on improving online-to-offline tracking. This significant shift, discussed in depth on the latest episode of Experts Talk hosted by Daniel Litwin, Voice of B2B at MarketScale, brings to the forefront the urgent need for retailers to enhance their online-to-offline data capture ecosystem. Featuring insights from industry leaders like Dylan Barbour, Co-Founder of Vizer; Mark Stamps, Vice President of Digital Commerce at Harvest Group; Ethan Chernofsky, SVP of Marketing at; and Devora Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer at Alter Agents, the conversation delves into innovative strategies for seamlessly connecting digital engagement with physical store transactions. The panelists discuss…

  • Innovative Data Capture Solutions: The discussion highlights the importance of leveraging digital barcodes and coupons to directly link online marketing efforts with in-store purchases, offering a tangible measure of digital campaign effectiveness in online-to-offline tracking.
  • Leveraging First-Party Data: With the decline of third-party cookies, the panelists emphasize the potential of data clean rooms for anonymizing and utilizing consumer data across platforms, enabling targeted marketing without compromising privacy.
  • Optimizing Omnichannel Strategies: The discussion advocates for a balanced approach, utilizing both online and offline channels’ unique advantages to enhance customer experience and drive sales.
  • Content and Community Focus: The panelists suggest concentrating on connection, content, context, and community to engage consumers more meaningfully in a post-cookie world.

Dylan Barbour co-founded Vizer with the aim of helping brands streamline mobile offers and boost in-store sales.
Mark Stamps, Vice President of Digital Commerce at Harvest Group, helps brands grow their business through full-service commerce solutions.
Ethan Chernofsky, Senior Vice President of Marketing at, utilizes his expertise to provide actionable insights and data-driven solutions for retail optimization.
Devora Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer at Alter Agents, leverages her extensive background in market research to drive brand growth and innovation.

Article written by MarketScale.

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