Agriculture Supply Chain is Struggling to Weather Climate Change

The agriculture supply chain is getting hit left and right by climate challenges, from unstable hot temperatures crushing heat-intolerant coffee, to droughts choking California’s almond industry, to massive floods in China killing pigs and putting a damper on pork production. Not to mention, agricultural processes themselves are creating a positive feedback loop for climate change, a summer study from Nature Food found food systems are responsible for 1/3 of human green house gas emissions.

Can agritech be part of the solution to create clean, efficient, and economically viable processes in agriculture that can respond to climate change’s short term and build resiliency for long term adjustments in the industry? Carlo Mondavi, Chief Farming Officer for agritech business Monarch Tractor, weighed in with his perspective on how Monarch’s approach to agricultural solutions intersects with drought challenges and regional crop farming.

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